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11 May

Balancing off Accounts

Final entries in the accounts after the end of the annual accounting cycle. At the end of the year, based on the full inventory, the account entries are updated, and the turnover and balance are displayed for them. However, many accounts are closed in this period. This process is called balancing off accounts.  What is […]
14 Apr

What is QuickBooks

Accounting is one of the most important divisions of any enterprise responsible for the accuracy of a wide range of business processes. The specialist has to deal with:

  •  the execution of orders;
  •  cost allocation;
  • document management;
  • financial flow control;
  •  reporting;
  •  analysis, and many other operations. 
31 Mar

What is the Accounting Cycle

The accounting cycle refers to a cyclical and systematic workflow followed by bookkeepers. The processes involved in the cycle are essential to comprehensively record, identify, and synthesize a business’ financial transactions. This came to be every bookkeeper’s guide religiously practiced and observed throughout the year to prevent record errors. In line, its purpose is invaluable as it formally keeps financial statements and other details accurate. 

31 Mar

What is Intuit Payroll

A cost-efficient payroll solution, Intuit showcases a payroll service that can be customized to fit the exact payroll service needs of any small business. Intuit offers several packages with different inclusions and services offered. Intuit payroll allows employers to compensate their employees efficiently without too much work or effort exerted.  Intuit payroll includes an unlimited […]
11 Mar

What is Opening Entry in Accounting

Opening entry in accounting refers to the primary entries of business at the beginning of each fiscal year or the beginning of its establishment. It involves the business’ assets, liabilities, and equity that are stated in a balance sheet. Its function is to assess where the business is at present with regards to financial or accounting status.  

How to: Opening Entry with Examples

Here, two cases of opening entry will be discussed: (1) a newly-established business and (2) a business’ opening entry in a new fiscal year. 

6 Mar

Zoho Books Review

Zoho Books is a cloud software for accountants and bookkeepers. It is perfect for small and growing businesses. It allows growing companies to manage their books, to send the accounts, and to process payments in the same system. The system includes:

  • tracing of stocks in the system of real-time;
  • tracing and control of the expenses;
  • automated banking;
  • a special portal for clients and so on.

There are positive reviews about Zoho Books written by many users. However, negative reviews are quite rare. Also, the pricing is reasonable and available. 

4 Mar

Main Types of Income Statement

Since making a profit is a goal of most organizations, the most important function of the accounting system is to provide information on the profitability of its activities. Funds received from profitable work may remain at the enterprise in order to finance the diversification of its activities, or be distributed in the form of dividends between owners of shares.

Both the owners and managers of the enterprise want to know the size of the profit or loss incurred. The income statement is what people focus the most when they analyze the company. This statement tells how much a company might earn in a given period, and it is always related to a period (week, month, year). 

25 Feb

Tax Free simple explanation

Tax-free is a system for returning the amount of value-added tax (VAT). The VAT is refunded on purchases made by foreign citizens when they cross the border of the country in which they were purchased. The refund amounts usually range from 8% to 25% of the amount of the tax free purchase, depending on the country where the shopping took place. 

Legal entities can also return a portion of the money spent – there is a tax-free business system for them to return the amount of VAT on expenses for foreign business trips. So, every shopper and traveler must know the tax free definition. 

Thus, since you are not a taxpayer of the country where your purchases were made, you can get a certain amount of money back for them, including VAT. However, you can only do this in stores that support the tax-free program.

17 Feb

Social security tax guide

The General Federal program or social security Program is a program of insurance for old age, loss of a breadwinner, and disability. The General Federal program is the only, although the largest pension program that has a distributive nature. All other pension programs, both public and private, act as accumulative systems.

The General Federal program was introduced by the law on social security and adopted in August 1935 by President F. Roosevelt. After the Second World War, and especially recently, OFP changed very quickly. From 1950 to 2000, payments under the program increased from $1 billion to $407 billion., and in 2011, they reached $873 billion. The number of recipients of pensions and other benefits for 1950-2011 increased from 3.5 million to 60 million people. 

10 Feb

Federal income tax explanation

The basis of the revenue part of the American budget (about 70%) is federal taxes. The most important tools for managing the level of income of the population are several types of taxes: 

  • income tax on the wages of individuals and self-employed entrepreneurs;
  • mandatory corporate tax on excess profits of enterprises;
  • wealth tax;
  • sales tax and excise taxes;
  • contributions to the social insurance bodies;
  • unemployment tax. 

Tax rates at the federal level are unchanged for all categories of payers. The object of taxation is the company's net profit or individual’s income.