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Quentin Dcon specializes in accounting in this field requires a specialist's analytical skills, endurance and ability to work with a lot of information. He is here to share the latest news on accounting. Questions can be asked by email: Contacts: +1 814-742-0523

What is the Accounting Cycle

The accounting cycle refers to a cyclical and systematic workflow followed by bookkeepers. The processes involved in the cycle are essential to comprehensively record, identify, and synthesize a business’ financial transactions. This came to be every... Read more

What is Intuit Payroll

A cost-efficient payroll solution, Intuit showcases a payroll service that can be customized to fit the exact payroll service needs of any small business. Intuit offers several packages with different inclusions and services offered. Intuit payroll a... Read more

What is Opening Entry in Accounting

Opening entry in accounting refers to the primary entries of business at the beginning of each fiscal year or the beginning of its establishment. It involves the business’ assets, liabilities, and equity that are stated in a balance sheet. Its functi... Read more

Zoho Books Review

Zoho Books is a cloud software for accountants and bookkeepers. It is perfect for small and growing businesses. It allows growing companies to manage their books, to send the accounts, and to process payments in the same system. The system includes:t... Read more

Tax Free simple explanation

Tax-free is a system for returning the amount of value-added tax (VAT). The VAT is refunded on purchases made by foreign citizens when they cross the border of the country in which they were purchased. The refund amounts usually range from 8% to 25%... Read more

Social security tax guide

The General Federal program or social security Program is a program of insurance for old age, loss of a breadwinner, and disability. The General Federal program is the only, although the largest pension program that has a distributive nature. All oth... Read more

Federal income tax explanation

The basis of the revenue part of the American budget (about 70%) is federal taxes. The most important tools for managing the level of income of the population are several types of taxes: income tax on the wages of individuals and self-employed e... Read more

Income tax explanation

Timely and full payment of taxes is the key to the stable development of any state. In the entire system of taxation, direct taxes are the most important and bring the highest income to the general treasury. Income tax is one of the most important ta... Read more

How to make an income statement?

Many businesses are required to produce a document, such as an income statement. This source assumes the inclusion of figures that reflect how effectively the company is operating — in terms of revenue generation and business profitability. It is qui... Read more

Main Types of Income Statement

Since making a profit is a goal of most organizations, the most important function of the accounting system is to provide information on the profitability of its activities. Funds received from profitable work may remain at the enterprise in order to... Read more