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Quentin Dcon specializes in accounting in this field requires a specialist's analytical skills, endurance and ability to work with a lot of information. He is here to share the latest news on accounting. Questions can be asked by email: Contacts: +1 814-742-0523

What is QuickBooks

Accounting is one of the most important divisions of any enterprise responsible for the accuracy of a wide range of business processes. The specialist has to deal with: the execution of orders; cost allocation;document management;financial... Read more

advance to employee definition and that means

advance to employee definition and that meansThe leasing of a certain asset might—on the floor—look like a rental of the asset, but in substance it might involve a binding settlement to purchase the asset and to finance it via month-to-month payments... Read more

Adjusting Entry Example: Prepaid Rent

Adjusting Entry Example: Prepaid RentThe ratio, which is calculated by dividing current belongings by present liabilities, shows how properly an organization manages its steadiness sheet to pay off its quick-term debts and payables. It reveals trader... Read more

Normal Profit Definition

Normal Profit DefinitionAccountingToolsNormal costing is a method of costing that is used in the derivation of price. The parts used for the normal costing to derive the price are precise costs of material, actual costs of labor and commonplace overh... Read more