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Quentin Dcon specializes in accounting in this field requires a specialist's analytical skills, endurance and ability to work with a lot of information. He is here to share the latest news on accounting. Questions can be asked by email: Contacts: +1 814-742-0523


CORPORATION TAX INCOME APPORTIONMENT FORMULASMultistate Tax CommissionImplementing these kinds of earnings-shifting methods entails some further prices and operational complexities for any company. If the tax invoice of a corporation increases becaus... Read more

Present Value of Annuity Due

Present Value of Annuity DueAn example of a direct annuity is when a person pays a single premium, say $200,000, to an insurance firm and receives month-to-month payments, say $5,000, for a set time period afterward. The payout amount for instant ann... Read more

Should I invest $200,000 in an annuity?

Should I invest $200,000 in an annuity?Since funds are made sooner with an annuity due than with an strange annuity, an annuity due typically has a higher present worth than an strange annuity. On the opposite hand, when rates of interest fall, the w... Read more

Ordinary Annuity Definition

Ordinary Annuity DefinitionValuation of life annuities could also be carried out by calculating the actuarial current value of the longer term life contingent funds. Life tables are used to calculate the probability that the annuitant lives to each f... Read more


AmortizationThe concept additionally applies to such items as the low cost on notes receivable and deferred expenses. Goodwill and intangible assets are normally listed as separate gadgets on a company's balance sheet.Costs of Intangible AssetsIt pri... Read more

Finance cost

Finance costWhile curiosity expense is tax-deductible for companies, in an individual's case, it is determined by his or her jurisdiction and in addition on the loan's function. When it comes to loans such as a home mortgage, the effective rate of in... Read more